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An Experience of a Lifetime

My hopes for this internship were to gain new skills while fine-tuning my current strengths, and to gain real, hands-on exposure in the digital marketing world with a company. As I write my final blog post, I realize what a truly unique opportunity this was, and that those hopes were largely surpassed; I am leaving with a great deal more than I had ever anticipated or imagined. I am grateful for this experience—it is quite an accomplishment, and will be an impressive contribution to my resume and portfolio upon graduation from the clinic next Wednesday! For a student, this is an experience of a lifetime.

The last two months felt brief, and flew by. During this process I have: had chances to attend several networking events; volunteered for tech events; met prestigious people in my field, and listened to distinguished speakers; got the inside scoop of upcoming workshops, classes, tools and resources; gained real experience working for a fantastic local start-up company by photographing …