Two Entrepreneurs' Journeys

The panel for this week's all-clinic meeting included: Joe Nashif; CEO US-Mattress, and Cash Butler; Founder, Clarilegal. This was a valuable discussion to me, because their combined experiences echo my own personal journey. Following, are some important and special thoughts and ideas I took away in particular from their stories on the journey to entrepreneurship, as well as a few of my own.

Cash, (pictured left) has primarily worked for very large corporate banks. While the money was great, he began to feel a lack of freedom working in a large corporation, and didn't feel challenged at all. Now that he is an entrepreneur, he realizes, "Even though the money's going the wrong way sometimes, I am happier because I am growing something." He went on to point out the importance and benefits of using social media—Digital has become a main channel, and it is the best way to get noticed and leave impressions.

Joe, (pictured right) started up back when the Internet was just beginning to boom. Contacting and Partnering up with other dealers, his initial sales began. He explains the significance of relationships and partnerships in this business, and is something he touched on and highlighted throughout his speech. Eventually the sales began to grow, and now he is very much enjoying self-sustenance. "It's a balance of sticking with something through and through; at the same time, don't be married to a project with no hope." 

Similar to both stories, but in very different ways, my journey began after working for 20+ years in a corporate setting. I was feeling unchallenged in my day-to-day, and a bit in the middle of the spectrum of what Joe had described as, "either loving it or hating it." I am the kind of person who makes the best out of every situation, and was in fact strong in my roles. I found my own ways to be excited about aspects of what I did, but ultimately became complacent and bored. I wanted more. I have always been a leader by nature, but also adore the fuel of working together as one team. Combining the two, one day I decided to quit my full-time job, return to school to follow my passion in Graphic Design, and began working for myself. Also finding value in relationships and collaboration, I have created a network of partners I can call upon who are specialized in areas I am not, to help me carry out and achieve my goals, and work with them on team projects. I'm so happy and fulfilled now, and every day is a challenge and something new. I took a leap—a great, big one—and haven't looked back. 

"Because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain." ~Jack Kerouac


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