“The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?” –Aaron Wall

I’ve been checking out Google Analytics and AdWords, and installing and putting the analytics to use wherever and whenever possible. Tracking activity and measuring data are very important tools in marketing, especially for a start-up company like the one I work for.

I’ve had several incredible opportunities over many years to study marketing and implement strategy plans for the companies I have worked for. I’ve been designing professionally for the last 4 years, and can say with certainty, that marketing and design very much go hand in hand. Included in my creative process, with every client or company I design for, is finding solutions to increase traffic or set them apart in a meaningful way. Considering the audience, researching trends and industry norms, and brainstorming different ways to approach their market, are all part of the development. Now I get the chance to learn about what is being clicked, and from where! Very cool stuff...

This has already been a unique experience for me, as I have never used measuring and tracking techniques like Analytics and Ad Words. I am learning that they are powerful tools to have in my belt, and will eminently qualify me for best evaluating marketing programs for future clients and jobs! Excellent.

My tripod finally arrived, so tomorrow I continue shooting the products in an Urban environment. Let's hope the weather is cooperative. It's been Pure Michigan as always the last few weeks.


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