Sketchy Business—My Design Process Part Two

Here, in the second blog of my Design Process series, I will talk a little about sketching. As mentioned previously, I begin with research, move on to mood boarding and style-tiling, then I sketch it out. This step is necessary in everything I do, and is never skipped. Even if it's a project that the client has put a short timeline on, or something simple, I always make the time for sketching. It works out the thoughts I have in my head, and reveals possibilities. It also is helpful when working on projects with awkward dimensions. From logo creation and development, landing pages, posters and worksheets, to iconography, this system guarantees my best work and creativity.

I go through several books a year, of many different sizes. My purse contains a small sketchbook for travel, and my pencil roll, filled with rulers, erasers, a sharpener, tape and mini stapler—you never know when you may want to attach something inspirational you find in the world. Along with this, I always carry my travel watercolor sketchbook, sennelier tin, and water brush! These are my most used items, though I keep an extra large sketchbook at home for use there as well. Sometimes I need the extra room, but predominantly use the 5x7. 

Sketching my ideas opens the door to my imagination. Let me start by mentioning I always offer 3 wildly different designs for the client to choose from, and revise from there. The client typically sends over the font they want me to use, or graphics they have screencapped for inspiration. I still sketch and tweak things, sticking to their initial concept, and making sure it reflects who they are to the world, but also start work on alternative ways to approach it and think differently about it. I'm naturally creatively curious as hell to see what can become of things, and the potential, so I love thinking outside the box. 99% of the time, the client is tickled and pleased with the alternative options and choose them to further develop. For instance, currently I am working on a logo for a client who supplied me with the font they want me to use, and I must say, I am absolutely dying to present them with my hand-designed typeface instead for their logotype. Sketching it out allows true special potential to be revealed. It follows the client will then have their own unique design. Here's a little sneak peak, ;) and its evolution to digital, which I will discuss in the final blog of the series: 


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