One Ball. Two Ball. Old Ball. New Ball.

Life can sometimes seem like a juggling act, and I've been thinking a lot about work-life balance lately. I've become a pro at juggling multiple tasks without dropping a ball, but wasn't always so successful at it. I recall a time in my life when I would go days without sleep, clock 60–70 hours weekly, and meals were red-eyes from the coffee shop instead of food. As a result, many balls were dropped as I became less efficient and sloppy. Since then, I have found that choosing a ball or two to set aside while I rest and refuel makes me more productive, sharp, and a happier person to be around. As we discussed in the clinic meeting yesterday, no one wants to work alongside the irritated, sleep-deprived person who takes on 70 hours of work a week. In my profession, it's crucial to be able to juggle tons of tasks, while maintaining that balance.

I still have to set aside a ball now and then, or refuse them once in awhile because too many are up in the air, but biting off more than you can chew will ultimately impact your performance and relationships negatively. Balance is key, but can really only be accomplished by dropping a ball or two along the way. 

As the great[est] Paul Simon wrote, "You have to learn how to fall, before you learn to fly." ...and that ain't no lie.


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