Keep Calm. ...and do Analytics.

Last week I took the Google Analytics Exam, and failed with a 64%. I've had no prior experience with analytics, and thought I'd fail fast to get a feel for the test! Well, THAT certainly worked. Hah! However, it's not really that bad, considering I went into this almost blind with minimal studying and practice! Once you fail, you have to wait 7 days to take the exam again. 

Over the last week I prepared by re watching the beginner academy videos, checked out YouTube tutorials as a fellow intern suggested, practiced with my blog, and borrowed the Analytics book to study—loaned to me by the aforementioned intern. Now, said intern was successful on her very first go, and received a 94% to boot, so I followed all of her advice. This morning was my 7th day, I took the exam, and I passed! 

I'm attaching my certificate in all its glory to mark the occasion! Go, me!!!


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