Get Digi with It—My Design Process Part Three

The final entry in my blog series on my design process, is bringing everything together digitally. Research, mood board, sketch it out, then bring it into Illustrator. Typically, I use tracing paper over my illustration from my sketch book, finalize it with micron pens, scan it into my MAC, and use the pen tool to trace and refine the design in Adobe Illustrator. The only real advice I can offer on this topic is, make sure you have nice, clean curves and lines, holding shift to keep things tidy while tracing. You don't want to have a "your points are showing" moment, so address these issues and use those handle bars as you go! 

Alternatively, I sometimes bring a sketch into photoshop, load the selection, make it a tiff, trace in Illustrator, expand and clean up, but I feel that a good, crisp pen trace does the best job, myself. It depends on the project; I bring in lots of textures and the like from the sketchbook, but this post is more aimed at brand marks and logotypes. 

I bring in all three design options to present to the client, create them in Illustrator, and bring the final concepts into InDesign, where I build a lovely presentation, showing color options, (should they apply) sizing, alternative logo usage, (stacked, block, single line, etc.) possible supporting graphics and patterns, and always provide mock ups, so they can really see the potential and possible applications of the design. Mock ups include: business cards; web interface; ephemera; letterhead; placed on product; signage; and a variety of other fun ways to display the deliverables.

Thanks for reading about my process! Happy designing, and stay creative and curious!


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