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"You can really only enjoy life when you're extremely busy" –Josephine De La Baume

This rings true to me this summer. Working full time, attending school full time, carving out moments to visit important friends and family, and picking up any other opportunities that come my way, have all been very challenging. ...and I'm loving every crazy second of it. Included in these new opportunities, is my summer internship. 

My experience with this internship has been a fantastic one so far. Networking and Volunteer events have made for a fun introduction to the program, and I am very glad for the chance to become certified in Google Analytics upon completion of the clinic! I have met some very cool human beings here, and will surely gain new skills.

My first week was spent shooting hundreds of new product photos for the company I am assigned to,for imagesto be used over backgrounds on the website. Over the weekend, my tripod broke, but I had plenty of processing and developing to do with this week's shots anyhow. My new—and sturdy—tripod arrives this Friday, and I wil…